A new era of distribution

ONE is an award-winning distribution platform used by companies such as A+E Networks, AMC, Banijay and ITV Studios.

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The Content Discovery Platform Powering Distribution

Showcase your catalogue in an engaging, buyer-friendly platform. Whether preparing for markets, launching new programmes or simply selling your existing shows and formats, ONE has everything you need to satisfy increasing producer expectations by maximising the effectiveness of your content.

What is ONE?

ONE is the content discovery platform of choice for the industry's leading distributors. It enables them to manage their website, full catalogue and screening application from one intuitive content management system. But it’s so much more than just a catalogue and screening solution.

Buyers expect to find catalogues and screenings online. ONE goes further, encompassing features such as personalised content recommendations, a meeting manager and buyer engagement & intent reports & alerts, empowering distribution teams with the information they need to build better relationships with their buyers and ultimately sell more content.

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Buyers Survey Results 2018

This year's Buyers Report gives an exclusive insight into buyers' opinions on markets, technology & broadcast industry trends. 

Click here to download the full report to learn more about what buyers want, with opinions from leading industry experts such as Ruth Berry, MD at ITV Studios Global Entertainment and Paul Heaney, CEO at TCB Media Rights

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Seamless Screening for A+E Networks

A+E's sales team are now armed with a robust solution that allows them to access their entire catalogue remotely and seamlessly screen video with or without an internet connection.

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