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A flexible platform for content distributors to drastically improve how they screen, engage and connect with buyers.

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ONE helps you to sell more content.

Built bespoke for your brand, ONE is more than just a screening solution. We’ve included everything to make life easy for both Distributors and Buyers, setting a new benchmark in buyer communication and engagement. What’s more, the same system powers your distributor website, market screening application, buyer CRM and MIP Meeting Manager.

We have streamlined the sales & marketing processes to create operational efficiencies while enhancing the buyer’s overall experience!


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The Perfect Buyer Experience

Buyers have access to rich and engaging content, all easily found and screened, both on and offline, through the website or application. All buyer activity is tracked; you get alerts to help you personalise the buyer experience, putting you and your sales team in complete control of buyer engagement!


Why choose ONE?

Seamless Screening for A+E Networks

A+E’s sales team are now armed with a robust solution that allows them to access their entire catalogue remotely and seamlessly screen video with or without an internet connection.

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DRG Kew Media Group Keshet B A&E AMC Cineflix

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As a sales professional, what is your biggest challenge?

Being able to easily track buyer activity is vital for any busy sales team. ONE's extensive reporting provides sales with a 360 view of their buyers, allowing for a more personalised purchasing experience.

  • See what buyers are watching, sharing & liking within your system
  • Understand what buyers are searching for by genre, keywords, number of series and more
  • Enjoy an 'At a glance' view of buyer behaviour
  • Additional reporting available tailored to your business and team's requirements during scoping sessions

Time-consuming admin activities can drain the productivity of the best of sales people. ONE was designed to create instant efficiencies in the sales process, creating more time to focus on what's important.

  • Buyer likes & dislikes, programmes watched and notes taken during a meeting are pushed back to the database in real time
  • ONE provides automatic meeting follow up, meaning any programmes highlighted during a meeting can be sent to the buyer immediately


Screening at meetings or market can be a painful process often involving extra hardware. The iPad screening application for both distributors and buyers allows content to be screened anywhere at any time, even offline, without the need for additional hardware. All buyer activity automatically syncs to the database when next connected.

  • Screen programmes without internet connection
  • Share to Screen technology enables your iPad application to connect to larger screens
  • All activity captured, syncing to the database when next connected

As a marketing professional, what is your biggest challenge?

Content management will always be one of the biggest challenges for a busy marketing team, which is why we've created a powerful backend system that is both easy to maintain and powerful enough to ensure each browsing experience is personalised and relevant. 

  • Manage programmes and assets in one place
  • Easily edit programme and metadata
  • Intuitive system requiring minimal training

Detailed insights into programmes, genres, regions & users - ONE's reporting system was created to let marketing teams know when they're doing things right, as well as fine-tuning areas that might need attention.

  • Reporting dashboard for overview
  • See what buyers are watching, sharing & liking within your system
  • Additional reporting available tailored to your business and team's requirements

Long days and nights leading up to an event populating content on hardware are no more, our central CMS pushes content out to all locations instantly meaning that new promo can be straight onto the app the same day it leaves the editing floor.

  • Full control over what's showcased at market by enabling 'Market Only' mode
  • Intuitive CMS, reducing the time it takes to prepare for markets
  • iPad application doubles up as market screening tool

As a operations professional, what is your biggest challenge?

Disparate systems can develop into a black hole of problems for an organisation; increases in cost, employee resource being used inefficiently and difficulty integrating new technology to name just a few. ONE enables distributors house all their important content, collateral and reporting in a singular platform, promoting:

  • Cost savings across the business
  • Time efficiencies for multiple teams
  • More accurate tracking of ROI

Content can be sensitive. There may be certain programmes that need to not be available to certain buyers, or buyers in particular countries. ONE allows access restrictions to content with a single click.

  • Choose whether to restrict access on either an individual or company level
  • Set content to be shown 'at market only'
  • Restrict sharing of content on sensitive titles

Disjointed departments can create inefficiencies in a business. Perhaps marketing don't know what sales need, sales aren't aware of new collateral or operations teams might bring in new technology that creates more problems than it solves. With ONE, efficiencies are driven across the whole business as departments are given the right tools to work in synergy.

  • Sales can easily access content and collateral as and when they need it, becoming more self-sufficient
  • Marketing can track feedback in real time, showing ROI through understanding how successful each campaign or piece of collateral is


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