Onboarding Process

Transitioning to the ONE system is a smooth process thanks to our intuitive technology and dedicated team.

Our dedicated team make onboarding easy

We understand that the transition from existing, dated systems can be complex, which is why we have a transition team in place to help your sales, marketing and technical teams manage the process.

Define Requirements

We take the time to work with key stakeholders within your business to define the project requirements in line with your business objectives and internal processes.

  • Bespoke functionality depending on individual requirements
  • Consultative approach working towards helping your business hit its objectives
  • Strategy team work to identify any unique customer behaviours to improve their experience

Content Audit

A full audit of your content will be undertaken. We'll look at what lessons we can learn from the current website and what content should be used moving forward.



IT and Systems Integration

No two datasets are the same, so we work closely with your IT and technical teams to understand your data in detail. ONE integrates with multiple video hosting providers, allowing for both streaming of content and reporting on video activity. Depending on your requirements, there is also the option to integrate with rights management systems.

  • Ensure the process is as simple as possible
  • Work to strategically understand your data
  • Flexible integration with rights management, video hosting providers and CRMs

Customisable Design and UX

Our creative and user experience (UX) teams will construct interactive wireframes to lay out your platform and detail the typical user journeys for both yourself and your customers. Once agreed, the design team then bring them to life with a bespoke look and feel in line with your branding.

  • No two instances of ONE look the same
  • Design and UX created with your business objectives in mind
  • Provides a user experience that does your brand justice

Functional Specification

Our technical and strategy team will create a functional specification, used as the bible for your project build. It will break down all the functionality you can expect from ONE, any third party integrations you require and expected workflows.

  • Option to specify any additional functionality
  • Specification created in line with your business objectives
  • Details full user journeys, as well as design and functionality

Technical Customisation

ONE is a bespoke platform customised to suit your requirements. We establish custom workflows to support your sales and marketing teams and create a system that allows you as a business to proactively manage your customers and market your catalogue. Asset management is made simple, streamlining operations and helping you build on your data for the future.

  • Technical team work with strategists to follow a process of discovery
  • Team tasked with exploring your existing technology and third-party applications
  • Results in intuitive technology, bespoke for your business

Asset Migration

We take the pain out of migration. Each company has their own nuances and legacy systems. Just let us know what you currently have and where your data or content is stored, then we'll do the rest.

  • Experienced team of developers integrate into existing catalogue systems through APIs
  • No matter where your catalogue is managed; a solution is available


ONE was designed to be intuitive without compromising on functionality, so not a lot of training is needed to get up and running on the system. However, we will provide training sessions and are always on hand should your team have any questions.

  • Dedicated onboarding service to get you up and running on ONE
  • Continued support from our team of experts
  • Intuitive technology designed with users in mind


We work with you to make sure launches go smoothly, providing training either in person or via conference calls to help get your teams ready for market. Our services include collaboration with third-party suppliers, stand designers and hardware suppliers and, where possible, data migration from your old system to ONE to help ease the workload associated with set up.

  • Flexible support system to suit you and your business requirements

Market Support

We're all for making the most out of a market. Whether using the full ONE platform, or cherry picking bespoke requirements, we ensure the buyer's experience at your stand is the best it can be.

  • Flexible packages for at market support
  • Extensive experience supporting clients at market
  • Experts in utilising technology to improve the at market experience