Why ONE?

ONE was developed and continually refined by Rawnet, an award-winning team of digital strategists with over a decade of experience in the industry.

Why the top distributors are already using ONE

ONE was created for distribution. Intuitive and slick, it embodies the essence of your brand and gives buyers an experience they'll want to keep on coming back to.

1. Slick, consumer like experience

Content should be found and experienced in the same way consumers now use VOD systems. Buyers shouldn’t have to battle with difficult to use, clunky systems. ONE was designed with user experience at its forefront and has a slick, intuitive interface allowing buyers to enjoy experiencing new content.

2. Designed for you

No two ONEs are the same. Each instance is custom built to work harmoniously with your specific brand, from the look, feel and layout, right down to 3rd party integrations and custom workflows.

3. Best Possible Buyer Engagement

Buyers can enjoy full access to easily searchable and browsable content, only seeing content that’s relevant to them. ONE provides a more personalised experience, utilising software to enhance your relationships, not replace them.

4. Market Support

We’re always at MIP and offer support services on site. We can help with setup, be on call and work with your team beforehand to discuss how technology can help you to make an impact and differentiate yourself from the many other distributors who are showcasing.

5. Internal Department Synergy

ONE makes it much easier for marketing to understand what sales need and to see first hand what’s working and what might need some tweaking. Operations can quickly address the needs of the sales team and remove pre-market stress internally.

6. Cater For Evolving Buying Cycle

Content sales shouldn’t work in 6 month peaks due to markets. ONE keeps the engagement and conversation going all year round, allowing you to more easily prep for markets and also follow up effectively afterwards.

7. Rich Content

Screenshots are great, but easy access to trailers, cue sheets, producer notes, cast and format bibles gives the buyers all the collateral they need in one place to really buy into a programme.

8. Cross Device

ONE works seamlessly across phones, tablets and desktop, giving buyers the same experience they’ve come to expect from a consumer VOD system.

9. Works Offline

Buyers can watch episodes or promos on the desktop site, pick things back up on their iPad application and even download content to watch offline. This leaves content accessible to them regardless of their location or connectivity. Sales teams can update the built in ONE CRM whilst offline, with all activity syncing to the main website when connectivity is restored.

10. Best in Market Technology

Evolving from an agency background, ONE is innovative and cutting edge. Nothing in the market is better. We’re setting the new expectation for how buyers consume and find new content and constantly keep our technology ahead of the curve so you don’t have to.

11. Ease of Content Management

Content management doesn’t need to be a time consuming challenge for marketing teams. ONE enables marketers to quickly and intuitively drag and drop uploads, edit images, add videos and edit metadata with minimal training needed.

12. Meeting Efficiencies and Time Savings For Sales Teams

Time is precious and efficiency is important, never more so than at market. ONE makes the most of each meeting by empowering your sales team with all the prep they need, alongside a slick screening experience and automated, personalised follow ups for buyers.